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McARTHUR + COMPANY  is proud of our commitment to the retail real estate industry. Our participation in these trade organisations has enabled us to benefit from leading edge information and global relationships.

International Council of Shopping Centers

Board of Trustees, ICSC Board of Trustees, 2005-2008

International Faculty, The John T. Riordan School of Professional Development, 1997 to Present

Chairman, ICSC VIVA Global Design Awards, 2009 to Present

MAXI Award winner 1999, 2003, Merit Award 2005

Shopping Centre Association of India

Founding Board Member 2009-2011

Guest lecturer

Middle East Council of Shopping Centres

President 1999-2002

Board Member/Advisor, Middle East Council of Shopping Centres 1996-2011.

The VIVA (Vision, Innovation, Value, Achievement) Best-of-the-Best Awards honors the most outstanding examples of shopping center Design and Development, Sustainability, Marketing, and Community Service worldwide. All gold winners in ICSC’s regional awards programs are automatically enter into this prestigious global awards program.